Penn Lab In The Department of Pediatrics

Lab Members

Anna Penn, MD, PhD |


Assistant Professor


Neonatology attending and developmental neurobiologist




Danielle Leuenberger, PhD |

Senior postdoctoral fellow designing and using lentiviral vectors for manipulations of mouse placenta (joint postdoc with Baker Lab)




Wen-Chun "Jim" Lan, MD |

Neonatology fellow investigating long-term sex-linked behavioral effects of chronic neonatal hypoxia




Sonia Mayoral |

Neuroscience PhD student studying the impact of placental sex steroids and other hormones in models of neonatal brain damage




Natalia Llarena |

Undergraduate honors student studying the role of androgens in hippocampal neonatal brain damage




Anca Pasca, MD |

Clinical researcher working with Pathology to establish the Placental Tissue Bank




Lab Alumni

Florian Ermini, PhD postdoctoral fellow in Sapolsky lab (Biology)
Ghezal Omar, MS lab research assistant Butte Lab (Pediatrics)
Pamela Sherwood  undergraduate Stanford University (HB-REX program)
Nayla Delgado  undergraduate University of Puerto Rico (Amgen SSRP program)
Ann Lewis, MD, PhD Pediatric Neurologist, Kaiser Permanente
Anna Morgan, MD  Neonatologist, Kaiser Permanente
Krishan Chhiba undergraduate Cornell University
Christina Oettel-Flaherty undergraduate Amherst College

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